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Art with a twist!

The Original Mandala-Designer® from Ravensburger

Mandala-Designer® by Ravensburger

Originating from India, Mandala art uses a stencil technique that creates symmetrical patterns and designs.

The process is easy - select a shape within the stencil and trace! With a variety of themes to choose from, there is an endless amount of design possibilities. Themes range from classic geometrical shapes to romantic forms to ocean-themed designs.
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Ravensburger Outdoor Mandala-Designer®

Discover the creative excitement of Mandala-Designer®!

Junior, Classic, Outdoor or Sand Mandala-Designer®

Whether you choose the Junior, Classic, Outdoor or Sand Mandala-Designer® – there is something for everyone. Not only are Mandala-Designer® products a fun crafting activity, they also help improve concentration; train motor skills and help develop an understanding of shapes, symmetry and patterns.