Ravensburger Puzzle Month

Just as it has been for hundreds (even thousands) of years, puzzling more than ever is in fashion. Today, 1 in 2 Americans puzzle for fun, to relax or to relieve stress. Families puzzle together as a winter tradition. Millennials puzzle to connect with each other and disconnect from a hyper-digital lifestyle. Whether you are a solo puzzler or a social puzzler, we want everyone to join the festivities and start connecting.

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The History of Ravensburger Puzzles

Curious how a 135 year old book company became the world's leading puzzle brand? Enjoy a trip down memory lane and explore the fascinating history of how Ravensburger puzzles came to be.

10 Fun Puzzle Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Next time you are putting together a Ravensburger puzzle, impress your friends or family with some interesting trivia they probably didn't know. Also, learn a cool trick you can show when you are done putting together one of our puzzles (wink wink).

Learn How to Become a Puzzle Master

Puzzling can be intimidating when you first pour out all the pieces onto the table. We promise, it's not that bad! Learn some helpful tips to get you started or to help you along while putting together a Ravensburger puzzle.

How in the World is a Puzzle Made?

Can you name three steps of the puzzle creation process? If you said printing, cutting and boxing, you're technically right. However, a lot more goes into making a puzzle than you think. Test your puzzle knowledge and see if you can name all the steps to making a high quality puzzle.

Calling All Puzzlers!

Puzzle Month doesn't just mean let's celebrate - it also means awesome puzzle deals!

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