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How are crystals created? How do airplanes fly? How many spots are on a ladybug? Every young scientist can explore many fascinating concepts with our hands-on science kits. Three different sizes allow children to start with smaller kits and work their way up to more advanced activity kits. Learn about minerals, flight, electronics, forensics and more.

These exciting activities help children ages 8 and up understand everyday phenomena through hands-on projects. Easy to use materials and illustrated informative instructions encourage kids to become active scientific explorers with fascinating facts and tips. The colorful, detailed booklet includes a list of all components plus a glossary of terms, so kids can learn what each part does.
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ScienceX® CSI

Watch how to turn you into a skilled detective

Science X® Electronics & Circuitry

Watch how to become an electrical engineer

Watch how to become an electrical engineer

Science X® Smartscope

Watch how to dive into a microscopic world