GraviTrax - The Game

Challenge your building skills with GraviTrax The Game. Through careful planning and precise building, master all the challenges by getting your marble to the finish using specific elements!

Step 1 – Gather your Elements

Review the challenge cards and gather the base board(s) needed for the challenge. If several base plates are needed, connect them as shown on the card. Gather the rest of your building elements shown in the overview. Set aside all leftover elements that are not needed for the challenge.

Step 2 – Challenge Cards

The challenge card indicates where the launch tile (start) and the landing tile (finish) should be positioned on the base board. Height tiles might be required underneath them. Use the green hexagonal spaces on the base board for orientation.

Step 3 – Setup

When positioning the launch tile and landing tile, make sure the entrances and exits of the tiles are facing the right direction. Also make sure the marble is in the correct starting point of the launch tile.

Step 4 – Start Building

Using only the elements listed on the challenge card (the elements you gathered in Step 1), begin building a track that connects the start to the finish.

Step 5 – Test your Track

Press the launch tile to test your track. If the marble reaches the finish, you have mastered the challenge!

Step 6 – Let’s play!

This card shows the first challenge. Using steps 1-5, see if you can get the marble to the finish. Having problems solving the challenge? Find a helpful tip on the back of the challenge card.

Once you have completed the challenge, compare your solution with the Instructions and Solutions Booklet.

Discover the world of GraviTrax!