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alea has delivered elegantly designed strategy games with great replay value for over two decades. It is the classic game brand for experienced gamers featuring an expansive library of titles, with more to come.


Castles of Burgundy – alea 20th Anniversary Edition

Take on the role of an influential noble in 15th century Burgundy, France and lead your estate to prosperity through strategic expansion and trade. Over the course of five phases, you’ll score victory points through trading, farming, building, or scientific research. In the end, the player with the most victory points wins! Includes upgraded game components and artwork in celebration of alea’s 20th anniversary.

Ages: 12+ | Players 2-4 | 30-90 Min


1 game board, 16 player boards, 8 punch boards (with more than 300 pieces), 9 dice, 8 tokens, and a rulebook.

Castles of Tuscany

It’s the 15th century in beautiful Tuscany, the home of the Italian Renaissance. As an influential noble, you get to decide how to lead your region to success! By supporting towns, villages, and monasteries or by extracting marble and delivering goods, you’ll see your lands grow and earn victory points. Each round, you’ll use cards to place useful tiles to expand your regions and gain new opportunities. Earn the most victory points after three rounds of play, and win!

Ages: 10+ | Players 2-4 | 45-60 Min


8 components boards (with over 170 pieces), 150 cards, 42 wooden pieces, and a rulebook.

Carpe Diem

As an influential patrician in Ancient Rome, you’ll build a prosperous city district. Grow bountiful gardens, cultivate ponds rich with fish, or build lavish villas for your citizens. The day is yours to seize, and the city ripe for growth. The player with the most victory points at the end of the game is the winner!

Ages: 10+ | Players 2-4 | 45-75 Min


One game board, over 220 game tiles, 44 wooden game pieces, and a rulebook.

Carpe Diem How To Play


Dungeons, Dice & Danger

Gather your courage, pack your sword, and roll the dice as you journey through the realm in search of treasure and glory. In this roll and write game, you’ll explore deep, dark dungeons filled with treasure – and infested with monsters! Do you have what it takes to be a hero of legend?

Ages: 12+ | Players 1-4 | 30-45 Min


200 Adventure Sheets, 5 Dice, 4 Pencils, and Instructions.

Las Vegas Royale

Roll for luck in the famous glitzy world of Las Vegas. Visit casinos, roll your dice, and win some cash... or risk it all and go home emptyhanded. Las Vegas Royale includes the classic game with new and exciting game options to keep you playing over and over again!

Ages: 8+ | Players 2-5 | 45-60 Min


1 dice arena, 6 casinos, 8 double-sided boards, 51 dice, 20 chips, 15 tokens, 90 money cards, and a rulebook.