Ravensburger Points - The Ravensburger Bonus Program

Shop and get rewarded - Our thanks to you!

For every purchase on Ravensburger Online Shop, we send you our thanks with Ravensburger Points. You can collect your points and exchange them for coupons to be redeemed on www.ravensburger.us.


Your benefits at a glance:

With every order, you will collect points
$1 Purchase = 1 Ravensburger Point
Exchange your Ravensburger Points for coupons
Exclusive promotions to collect points

Coupon for up to 15% purchase value off your next order:

$10 Coupon for 100 Ravensburger Points
$25 Coupon for 200 Ravenburger Points
$75 Coupon for 500 Ravensburger Points

How to collect Ravensburger Points:

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Purchase in our Shop

Collect Ravensburger Points

Redeem Points

How do I collect Ravensburger Points?
You will receive Ravensburger Points every time you shop in our Ravensburger Online-Shop, provided that you have a customer account. How many Ravensburger Points you receive depends on the amount you spend. The more products you order or the greater the value of these products, the more Ravensburger Points you will receive for your order.

How much are Ravensburger Points worth?
You can collect Ravensburger Points in your Account and exchange them for coupons to be used in our Online Shop. When you've redeemed 100 Ravensburger Points, you'll receive a coupon worth $10. For 200 Ravensburger Points, you'll receive a coupon for $25. And for 500 Ravensburger Points, you'll receive a coupon for $75 for your next order.

How long are my Ravensburger Points valid for?
Ravensburger Points are valid for 2 years, so you have plenty of time to collect Ravensburger Points towards your $5 coupon. Of course, only the Ravensburger Points that are no longer valid will expire after 2 years. All the others will remain credited to your account.

How can I check my Ravensburger Points balance?
You can go to your Ravensburger Points account at any time to check your current Ravensburger Points balance. You can also see how many more Ravensburger Points you need before you receive your next voucher.