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3D Puzzles


Puzzle fun in 3D

With a range of Puzzle Balls, Buildings and 3D Storage Puzzles, every puzzle enthusiast will find what they are looking for. Whether the puzzle pieces are curved, straight or bendable, all of our sturdy plastic pieces fit perfectly together with our Easy Click Technology – no glue required!

Build the world's most famous architectural structures, including the Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower and many more. All 3D Puzzle Buildings display detailed artwork and designs that embody the essence of these amazing attractions. Our Night Edition 3D Buildings offer a unique puzzle experience with color changing LED lights that illuminate the puzzles from within.

Discover a new dimension with Puzzle Ball from Ravensburger. Curved plastic pieces fit together to form a perfectly smooth surface. Each puzzle piece is numbered on the back so you can puzzle by the image or by the number – choose your challenge.

Our 3D Storage Puzzles are cool accessories for any room. If you are looking for a practical storage option with a decorative design, a Storage Puzzle is just the thing. With different shapes and sizes, Storage Puzzles can hold a variety of items, including craft supplies, makeup, jewelry, and more.

Once completed, all these durable 3D Puzzles are the perfect decoration for your home!