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10 Fun Ravensburger Puzzle Facts


#1. A 1,000 piece Ravensburger puzzle has 1,008 pieces

To keep the puzzle rectangular, this piece count needed eight additional pieces to keep its shape. The vertical side of a 1,000 piece puzzle has 28 pieces, where the horizontal side of the puzzle has 36.

#2. You can eat a Ravensburger puzzle

Though we don’t recommend it…all Ravensburger puzzles are made of 100% non-toxic materials, including water-based glues and inks. In fact, a Ravensburger export manager once ate a puzzle piece in front of a customer to prove the high quality and the natural ingredients.

#3. The first puzzle made by Ravensburger was in 1891

The first Ravensburger puzzle was very different than the puzzles you find today. Named the “Geographical Puzzle”, this wooden puzzle was created primarily as an educational game for young children. Contoured pieces were cut out of a map, and the children needed to place the pieces back in.


#4. Ravensburger built a 1 million piece puzzle

In 2008, Ravensburger hosted a public puzzle event in the city square of Ravensburg to put together the largest puzzle in the world. Citizens of the city worked together combining exactly 1,141,800 pieces setting a world record in the process.

#5. Ravensburger puzzles have been featured on TV

It’s not common for puzzles to make their way onto episodes of popular TV shows, but Ravensburger puzzles have been fortunate to have made some memorable appearances in recent years. In 2017, Ravensburger puzzles were featured in episodes of NBC’s Superstore and Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. In 2018, Ravensburger puzzles found themselves in the spotlight once more being featured on CBS’s Mom and NBC’s New Amsterdam.

#6. The world's largest Disney and Mickey Mouse puzzles are made by Ravensburger

Think you have time to put together a 40,320 piece puzzle? For the extreme puzzlers, Ravensburger currently sells two 40,320 piece puzzles, Memorable Disney Moments and Making Mickey’s Magic. Each puzzle is 22 feet long and weighs 50 pounds, so make sure you have the real estate for this massive jigsaw.


#7. It takes 6.5 days to create a cutting die for a 1,000 piece puzzle

Every tool is hand made by our engineers in our factory in Ravensburg, Germany and takes on average 160 hours to create the die for a 1,000 piece puzzle. Steel strips are bent into place by hand and hammer to create the cutting tools for every puzzle. This ensures that no two pieces are alike within the puzzle.

#8. Our puzzle stay together without glue

Quality has always been a core part of the Ravensburger brand since the 1800’s, and we set out to prove that our puzzles offer the best puzzle experience. Thanks to our precise cutting tools, our puzzles are cut with minimal gaps between pieces offering the perfect interlocking fit. This allows you to pick up a completed Ravensburger puzzle by the corners and it will stay together. Don’t believe us? Next time you finish one of our puzzles, give it a try!

#9. Ravensburger not only built the largest puzzle, but also the longest

During the German Puzzle Day in 2006, the cities of Königsbrunn and Buxtehude in Germany laid puzzle pieces on the main streets that were about 2.5 miles long. These consisted of a total of 9,000 puzzles back-to-back with approximately two million pieces.


#10. The puzzle category was inspired by a business trip

In 1961, colleagues of Ravensburger traveled to the United States on a business trip and stumbled across 500 and 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzles in department stores during store checks. They learned that some companies were producing around 2 million puzzles annually, which inspired them to bring this knowledge back to Germany. The rest is history.

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