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kNOW! Game

Questions about the Google Assistant

Do you have low battery or an outdated version of the Google Assistant?
When you play with your Smartphone, always make sure you have enough battery and the latest version of the Google Assistant installed on your device.

Is the Google Assistant too loud or too quiet?
To adjust the volume of the voice output, simply use the command: "Hey Google, turn it up." Or "Hey Google, turn it down." Alternatively, you can say: "Hey Google, set the volume to [1% - 100%]." On your Smartphone you can adjust the volume by pushing one of the buttons.

Is there too much background noise?
The Google Assistant can usually filter your voice input very well. Nevertheless, it is helpful to play in a quiet environment. Make sure that the background noise level is not too high.

Have you turned on your location?
For the full experience of kNOW, it is best to allow the device to determine its location. If you have switched this function off, some questions may not work as they use your location to answer.

Do multiple devices respond to your commands?
If there are multiple devices in the room that have the Google Assistant installed, they may respond to your commands as well. It's best to place it out of reach, turn it off, or lock it so only the unit you want to play with will correspond to commands.

How do I set the timer/alarm?
Just say to the Google Assistant: “Hey Google, set a timer for [X] minutes/seconds.” To find out how much time is left you can say: “Hey Google, how much time is left on my timer?”

How do I stop the timer/alarm/the Google Assistant from reading?
Just say to the Google Assistant: "Hey Google, stop."