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GraviTrax: Starter Set

GraviTrax allows you to design and build your own marble runs and experiment with gravity, magnetism, and kinetics to propel your marble to the finish. With a variety of tiles, levels, tracks and elements, you can control the speed of the marble. Learn more about the GraviTrax Starter Set.

GraviTrax Academy

Perfect for budding engineers or experienced architects, the GraviTrax Academy offers a variety of building challenges kids can solve to work their way up to become an Expert GraviTrax Master. All the challenges promote critical thinking and problem-solving to complete. With three levels to choose from, every child can begin where they feel most comfortable. Learn more about GraviTrax Academy.

Need Inspiration? We're Here to Help

Explore our collection of helpful videos that can offer you some assistance with building your own GraviTrax creations. We have a handful of tutorials, tips, pre-built track designs and more to choose from. Discover what's possible with GraviTrax!

Share your #GraviTrax moments!

Check out these fun moments of Ravensburger GraviTrax fans creating some of their own marble run designs. If you would like to share a picture or a video with us, then tag your post on Instagram with @ravensburgerglobal and #GraviTrax or #RavensburgerMoment. You can also upload it here by selecting "Add a Photo". Who knows….maybe you will find your picture or video on our channel.