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GraviTrax: The Smart Marble Run System

Introducing GraviTrax, an exciting and engaging marble run system designed to ignite your imagination. With GraviTrax, the potential for creativity knows no bounds. There are no rules. There are no mistakes. Just your creativity and your passion to build.

Encounter the captivating forces of magnetism, kinetics, and gravity, which unleash their incredible potential through a diverse range of building elements and thrilling action bricks. It's a collaborative journey that allows you to shape your own unique course within the expansive realm of marble runs, resulting in endless enjoyment and excitement along the way.

All New: GraviTrax Junior

With GraviTrax Junior, building and playing fun is always on track! This creative, expandable system is especially designed for younger children 3 years & up, challenging them to use their imagination to build their own marble runs! STEM-friendly concepts build critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Starting Your Marble Runs

New to GraviTrax? The best place to start is with a Starter Set. These sets include all the core elements you need to begin building your own marble run tracks.
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Expand Your Builds

If you're looking to grow your marble runs, it may be time to explore the Expansion Sets. There are a variety of sets that offer ways to build higher, race faster, automate your tracks or scale your tracks to takeover the living room.
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Time to Accessorize

Launch, Zip, Bounce and more with a variety of Accessories. GraviTrax accessories offer builders more creative ways to link together marble run paths. Interested in creating marble stunts? The accessories can be used together to create impressive trick shots.
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Test Your Skills

Challenge yourself with GraviTrax THE GAME. Build intricate tracks as you progress through the 30 task cards. These hard-hitting brainteasing tests are perfect for solo play or with small groups.
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GraviTrax offers a range of action-packed options suitable for every skill level and age group. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced enthusiast, we have the perfect choice for you. Let's take a closer look at the three distinct GraviTrax lines and address some common queries: Which products are ideal for beginners? What sets GraviTrax PRO apart from POWER? And at what age can you embark on the GraviTrax adventure?

Let's start from the beginning, where it all begins: the starter set. This is the foundation of your GraviTrax experience, and you'll find a variety of exciting starter sets across different product lines to choose from. Whether it's for yourself, your child, godchild, grandchild, niece, or anyone else, there's something for everyone.

Once you have a starter set, the possibilities are endless. There are no specific rules or constraints—feel free to mix and match GraviTrax extensions, building blocks, and elements from all lines to unleash your creativity. However, it's important to understand the distinctions between the three GraviTrax lines: CORE, PRO, and POWER. The best part....CORE, PRO and POWER products are all compatible, so you can grow your collection as your experience grows.

GraviTrax CORE

The GraviTrax CORE line encourages pure creativity, featuring user-friendly building elements that can be intuitively used in various ways. It's perfect for children aged 8 and above, providing an enjoyable starting point for designing and building.

Once familiar with the building mechanics and elements, it may be time to add a new challenge into your marble run tracks. Keep reading to learn about how GraviTrax PRO can add more to your builds.

GraviTrax PRO

If you're craving a more intricate and elaborate experience, GraviTrax PRO is the way to go. With its multi-dimensional elements and thrilling action components, PRO allows you to plan and incorporate complex structures into your tracks. It takes the fun and excitement to new heights.

PRO introduces walls, pillars balconies and Bernoulli tracks to make your marble runs bigger, faster and more intricate. Now let's take a look at POWER and learn more about the electronic elements you can add into your builds.

GraviTrax POWER

GraviTrax POWER introduces interactive action with just a press of a button. Here, you can actively control the trajectory of the marbles using the controller and communication stones. The power is in your hands to create dynamic and engaging courses.