Ravensburger Gen Con Online

Welcome to Gen Con Online! We’re excited to present a wide array of digital events via Zoom and our Twitch channel as well as daily giveaways via Twitter. Below are just a few of our new releases we’re excited to share with you! Game on!

Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power

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Dominate the Marvel Universe as Thanos, Hela, Ultron, Killmonger, or Taskmaster! Follow your own twisted path to victory, using sinister abilities to take on other Villains and mighty Heroes from across the universe. Face off against Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk, Thor, Captain Marvel, and the other Avengers!
Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power utilizes the existing platinum-selling Villainous game system with a few gameplay reflecting the shared universe and interwoven storylines of Marvel’s Villains. As such, Marvel Villainous is not designed to be compatible with previous Villainous games, but allows for increased player interaction and more strategic play.

Ages: 12+ / Players: 2-4 / Playing Time: 40-80 minutes (20 minutes per player)

Back to the Future: Dice Through Time

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Great Scott! Biff stole the DeLorean and went on a joyride through time, disrupting events and scattering items through space and time! Now it’s up to you to help Doc and Marty repair the space-time continuum before time paradoxes unravel the very fabric of the universe. Jump in your time machine, complete events, return items, and help restore temporal! The future is in your hands!

Ages: 10+ / Players: 2-4 / Playing Time: 45-60 minutes

Disney Hocus Pocus: The Game

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The Black Flame Candle has been lit!
Now the Sanderson witches you must outwit;
or with a wretched evil potion,
a foul spell they'll set in motion.
Stun the witches and ruin the brew
before the sun can rise anew!

Work together to protect Salem's children and stop the Sanderson sisters from completing their wicked potion before the sun rises!

Ages: 8+ / Players: 2-6 / Playing Time: 30 minutes

WWE Legends Royal Rumble Card Game

Enter the ring as a legendary WWE Superstar and face off against your rivals in the WWE Legends Royal Rumble Card Game! Use electrifying attacks and signature finishing maneuvers to eliminate your opponents! New Superstars enter the Rumble as others are thrown over the top rope. Can you survive the brawl to remain the last Superstar standing?

Ages: 8+ / Players: 2-10 / Playing Time: 30 minutes

Wonder Woman: Challenge of the Amazons

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The Amazons, a powerful tribe of warriors, have lived in peace for centuries on the tranquil island of Themyscira. That peace is shattered when their enemies invade. Now it’s up to you to defend your home from Ares, the Cheetah, or Circe. In this cooperative game, you’ll strategize together, face your foes on the battlefield, and rise to meet the challenge of the Amazons!

Ages: 10+ / Players: 2-5 / Playing Time: 45-60 minutes

Disney Jungle Cruise Adventure Game

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Welcome to the world-famous Jungle Cruise! You’ve been hired to transport a boatload of cargo and passengers down the river to Jungle Navigation Company Headquarters. There, company president Alberta Falls will appoint one family of passengers as temporary caretakers—and your new bosses—while she goes on a much-needed sabbatical. Be prepared to lose passengers and cargo to dangers hidden in the jungle, but don’t worry—you’ll find more along the way! Find clues along the river to see which family Alberta has chosen. Transport the most valuable boatload of cargo and passengers to Headquarters to win!
Ages: 8+ / Players: 2-4 / Playing Time: 45-60 minutes

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