Time for me

Discover our tips for relaxation, activity and reducing stress

Time with family is priceless. In these unprecedented times, it is important to find time to relax and make some time for you.

Tips to reduce stress

During these times it is important to relax and reduce anxiety with a few extra hours of relaxation, serenity and reflection.

Here are six good tips to reduce stress.

Tip no. 1: Not everything has to be perfect - especially at the moment!

Good "anti-stress tools" create calmness but we should also try to rethink our expectations. We should reflect on those stressful moments and decide for ourselves how much stress we want to put up with? For example, we should ask ourselves: Does everything really have to be absolutely perfect? Or is it enough to try as hard as we can? Then it might be a bit easier to live and work in harmony with our own strengths. In order to make well-informed decisions we should accept the phrases ‘I can't do that anymore’ or ‘that is too much for me’.

Managing work and everyday life whilst respecting your own limitations is one of the best methods to reduce stress.

Tip no. 2: Puzzle – slow down your mind

Everything that involves pleasure is relaxing and helps us slow down. Activities like puzzling are meditative and they allow us to lose ourselves and our problems. These moments allow us to be at ‘at-one’ with ourselves. Puzzling is therefore not just about pure relaxation, but also one of the most effective and easiest methods to experience small moments of happiness in everyday life without too much effort - for children, as well as adults! Puzzle fans know from many years of experience: there is something calming about gradually sifting through a pile of chaotic puzzle pieces, sorting them and putting them into a beautiful and perfect order.

Tip no. 3: Music puts you in a good mood

Scientists have discovered that music can instantly boost your mood and give you more energy - thanks to a direct connection between our auditory nerve and the limbic system, our emotional centre. The trick is to take your time and find a comfortable place to listen to the music. Our favourite songs are the ones that allow us to get lost in our own thoughts and dreams.

Tip no. 4: Reading and reading together

Discover how relaxing it can be to get engrossed in a compelling book, whether it's a heart-warming romance novel or an exciting adventure story. Immerse yourself in the world of history and forget everything around you. Get lost in a good story and gain some distance from your otherwise stressful everyday life!

Of course, a family reading hour is particularly enjoyable for parents and children alike. Whether you cozy up comfortably on the sofa or on a blanket out in the garden, just grab an old favourite from the bookshelf and discover long forgotten treasures.

Tip no. 5: Play and forget the time

Time plays an important role when it comes to relaxing. As the saying goes; Time flies when you are having fun! Living our lives by the clock can be very stressful at times, but as soon as we manage to stop checking our watches, we can truly relax. Playing is great way to forget the time and truly relax. Playing something together, laughing, having fun, and forgetting everyday life together – it really benefits everyone. These moments of self-forgetfulness also give us new energy. Playing family favourite games are especially good for relaxing, because you know the rules and can just get on with having fun.
Woman reading a book on the couch

Tip no. 6: Painting relaxes everyone, adults and children alike

Ever tried it? Inspiring and particularly detailed colouring books or mandalas for adults offer a special form of relaxation. Colouring detailed templates calms your brain and stops the unrelenting flow of thoughts that stressed people often suffer from. By concentrating on accurate colouring with high-quality pencils and splendid colours, a pleasant inner peace is created, which in turn creates the conditions for reducing stress. And like meditating, your mind becomes pleasantly clear when all you are concentrating on is the picture you are colouring. Go on, give it a go!

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