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About GraviTrax: Dipper

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Watch your marble dip down a level with the “GraviTrax Dipper”!

Add even more action to your tracks with the “GraviTrax Dipper”! The “Dipper” will pick up your marble, lower it down a level and drop it, no intervention needed! Choose which side the ball will leave the “Dipper” to continue on your marble run. Analyze and test your track design to ensure your marble has the proper momentum so all runs smoothly. It’s a snap to combine “Dipper” with any “GraviTrax Starter-Set” to experience the power of gravity and educational fun today!

What makes a great toy? GraviTrax checks all the boxes! It’s a creative, modular, expandable track system that challenges children to use their imagination to design and build their own marble runs! Electronic-free, GraviTrax construction sets use STEM-friendly concepts while building critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Completely open-ended, every GraviTrax set has a boredom-busting variety of play options for hours of fascinating fun. Once the basics are mastered, simply add expansion sets and accessories to propel those metal marbles around the tricked-out track of your dreams!

Comes complete with 1 Dipper tile, 4 height tiles and instructions.

Lasting durability for girls and boys ages 8 and up, it’s the learning toy children (and savvy adults) return to over and over again!


1 Instructions, 1 Dipper, 4 Height tiles
Barcode: 4005556261796
Games Rules
GraviTrax Dipper
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Games Rules
GraviTrax Dipper
Download Game Rules
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